Experts highlighted the Government of Aragon as a pioneer in the use of blockchain

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In Spain, experts in Blockchain technology highlighted the Government of Aragon as a pioneer in the use of this disruptive technology. This was reported in Noticias DE, on September 4th.

This happened within the framework of a course called „Blockchain technology: current situation and future prospects in the Autonomous Community of Aragon“. There, the social, legal and economic-financial impact of the blockchain technology was analyzed.

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On the other hand, the agency Europa Press, provided details about this course as follows: „Organized by ITAINNOVA and sponsored by the University of Zaragoza, it has offered a wide vision of the current situation of the Blockchain, both in Aragon and in Spain“,

„Experts and professionals from private companies, public administration and ITAINNOVA, as a technology center that develops solutions based on Blockchain, have intervened during the 3rd and 4th of September and have told what is the potential of this technology that is based on collaboration and that, both socially and economically, will be an opportunity to improve“, said from Europa Press.

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Civil servant highlights Aragon

Marta Gastón (Economy, Planning and Employment) was in charge of opening the meeting, while Maru Díaz (Science, University and Knowledge Society) was in charge of closing it.

„The event was sponsored by the Public Procurement Observatory and two institutional chairs of the University of Zaragoza, the Corvers Chair, for public procurement of innovation, and the Inycom Chair“, detailed from Europa Press.

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Among other things, Maru Díaz highlighted how Aragon has somehow become a Crypto Investor pioneer with the award of a public contract through blockchain. On this, the European Commission and the World Economic Forum have pointed it out as „an exemplary practice against corruption in the awards“.

In addition, blockchain technology has also been used to carry out the presentation of bids in 24 other contract tenders, which implies a reduction in public procurement time.