It’s not too late to become a Bitcoin millionaire

The Bitcoin market has experienced strong growth, with a current price equivalent to over 25,000 USD.

It continues to be a great source of investment even for those who haven’t gotten in on the ground floor and only hold a few Bitcoins.

There are several ways to invest with Bitcoin, but they normally fall into one of two categories: fast and performing but risky, or slow and modest but safe.

The first type of investing would include options such as short-term trading. This involves the rapid buying and selling of digital currencies to take advantage of the extreme volatility of Crypto Bank app exchanges within minutes, hours or days. This is an incredibly high-risk form of investment that has the potential to generate huge profits in a short amount of time, but can also wipe out your savings with the click of a button.

A perfect example of the second type of investment is HODLing. For those who bought Bitcoin a decade ago, this actually worked out well and those lucky few are now millionaires. HODLing, is often said to mean the phrase „Hold on for Dear Life“ and refers to the strategy of buying Bitcoin and holding it for the long term, to ride the volatility of the crypto market with its peaks and dramatic falls and wait for it to appreciate steadily over time.

This is probably one of the safest options with Bitcoin, but it would be much more expensive to try today. Not only is this a slow way to earn a return, but it also means that your money is idle and not working on your behalf.

There is of course another way that offers generous and quick returns at almost zero risk.

The Best of Both Bitcoin Strategies

These days, especially with all the current economic uncertainty, many people are looking for a low-risk strategy and, in an ideal world, they don’t want to have to compromise on profits. The best way to do this is with crypto arbitrage.

Crypto arbitrage allows you to profit from price inefficiencies on crypto exchanges. There are short windows of time when a cryptocurrency may be available at different prices at the same time, on multiple exchanges. Therefore, in order to profit from this temporary phenomenon, you can buy the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then immediately sell it on the exchange where the price is the highest to get the best possible return. To manage this before the window of opportunity closes, you need to use an automated platform to achieve the required speed and have the functionality to execute multiple trades simultaneously.

To better understand how it all works, let’s take a look at ArbiSmart, an EU-licensed crypto arbitrage platform. The platform is connected to 35 different exchanges, which it analyzes 24/7 to find crypto arbitrage opportunities to exploit, executing a large volume of transactions simultaneously. The platform is fully automated, so all you have to do is register, deposit fiat or crypto, and the platform will take over, identifying and exploiting price inefficiencies on crypto exchanges, to generate returns of up to 45% per year.

What are the dangers to your bitcoins?

While crypto arbitrage involves only minimal exposure, the moment you start trading your Bitcoins, you are exposing yourself to some degree of risk. This is mainly due to the fact that there are certain risk factors that accompany investing in an emerging asset class within a loosely regulated market.

Crypto assets are still being categorized and regulated by various governments around the world, as a result, issues related to taxation on crypto gains and consumer protection issues are still being worked out. Furthermore, due to the anonymity, speed and decentralization of the crypto space, it has attracted a criminal aspect that is finding ways to take advantage of unwary investors through hacking and fraud.

Want to know how to protect yourself? Do your homework and educate yourself on whatever platform you choose to invest in. This means consulting the coverage of major crypto publications, watching online platform discussions on social channels like Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit, and checking the ratings of consumer review sites. You’ll also need to see how accessible the company’s service and support is. If you have an issue with time, or are having trouble withdrawing your funds, you’ll want to be able to speak directly with someone as soon as possible. Accountability is essential if you are going to aff