Litecoin Upgrades Security Despite Price Drop: What’s Unique about LTC?

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• Litecoin recently released a security upgrade, however its price is still falling despite the update.
• Litecoin has a faster transaction time, lower fees, and more decentralized mining algorithm than other cryptocurrencies.
• The new version of Litecoin Core includes updates that strengthen the security of nodes and networks.

Litecoin Falling Despite Security Upgrade

Litecoin is tanking, per charts offered by CoinMarlketCap, despite releasing a significant network upgrade aimed at improving security on the network. The digital asset, currently trading at $89.44, was 5.5% down at the time of writing, despite recording an increase of over 45% in 24 hours. Litecoin now has a circulating supply of 72,400,940 LTC and saw a 5.4% decrease in its total market cap, taking it to $7,512,233,632 as of the time of writing.

Unique Features Of Litecoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that stands out among other cryptocurrencies due to its faster transaction times and lower transaction fees. Its mining algorithm Scrypt is designed to resist specialized mining hardware which keeps the network more decentralized. Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to implement Segregated Witness (SegWit), which separates transaction signature data from transaction data increasing the network’s capacity. With an active development team and community litecoin offers a faster cheaper and more innovative alternative to bitcoin making it popular with dedicated followers.

New Security Feature Of LTC

Litecoin recently announced the release of Litecoin Core version which includes a significant improvement to security that affects earlier versions according to them . This version incorporates updates that strengthen the security of nodes and networks crucial for every user who operates a node or uses wallet . In case there is surge in activity throughout the network this safeguard prevents nodes with less powerful hardware from running out of memory .

Why Is Price Still Falling?

It’s difficult to tell why price remains low after such an important update but some speculate it could be because investors don’t want to buy into something before they can really see how well it works . Others think it could be due to lack of hype around this particular development or just general bearish sentiment in crypto markets right now . It’s also possible that investors are becoming cautious about investing too heavily into any digital asset right before halving events take place like with Bitcoin Cash earlier this year .


Overall lite coin provides users with fast transactions low fees and enhanced decentralization when compared with other coins on market today Additionally its most recent upgrade strengthens safety features allowing users better protection while using coin As result lite coin continues attract attention from investors despite current bearish conditions within crypto market