UK Couple Left in Debt After Falling Victim to Bitcoin Scam

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• UK couple, Tony and Eloise Johnson, became victims of a Bitcoin fraud which left them with debt of £45,000 ($55,900).
• The con artists used the image of well-known financial journalist Martin Lewis to gain legitimacy for their fraudulent activities.
• Eloisa was persuaded to continue with the fraudulent activity after being promised increased value for her savings through bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Fraud

UK couple Tony and Eloise Johnson recently became victims of a Bitcoin scam that left them with significant debt of £45,000 ($55,900). The con artists deceived them by using the image of respected financial journalist Martin Lewis to give legitimacy to their fraudulent activities.

The Scam

On March 9th while browsing Facebook, Eloisa came across an advertisement that promised increased value for her savings through bitcoin trading. An influential figure then made contact with her and persuaded her to proceed despite having second thoughts about its legitimacy. This ultimately led to the couple being left in debt as a result of the scammers manipulation.


Eloisa described how she asked if it was legitimate and was misleadingly reassured that it was because it was affiliated with Martin Lewis. As a result they were unable to recover any money from the scam leaving them with £45,000 worth of debt.

Similar Cases

This case is just one amongst many similar cases where scammers have appropriated the image of respected figures such as Martin Lewis in order to give credibility to their fraudulent activities. Furthermore, this isn’t an isolated incident when it comes to cryptocurrency scams as millions have been stolen from investors in various other scams involving crypto currency assets such as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).


In conclusion this article has highlighted yet another example of how cryptocurrency scammers are utilizing deception tactics in order to con unsuspecting individuals out of large amounts of money. It is therefore important for users considering investing in digital currency assets such as Bitcoin or NFTs do so responsibly by only ever engaging with reputable sources and exercising caution at all times when dealing with unknown parties online.